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Hardsub [.srt] file for MBLAQ Hello Baby Ep. 7 [Eng Sub]

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Translation by TheVolcanoSilver


.srt Mblaq Hello Baby Ep. 6 Hardsub

Mblaq Hello Baby Season 5 Ep. 6

Hardsub Engsub  (.srt File)



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Craving for First Salary

I’ve been working on a Korean on-line shop in Indonesia as a freelance translator since December last year. About the job, it’s just to translate product description from Korean to Indonesian. But sometimes I rather translate to English since I hardly find appropriate word in Indonesian. The description contains product’s name, color, size, origin, persuasive tag-line, etc. They send me email along with the file, and I send them back after finishing the translation. We haven’t met in person yet. Usually they give me a week, but i can finish it in a few hours, non-stop working.

It’s already a month since I started. I’ve done about 1,200 products. And since it pays Rp 1k per product I assume I’ll get Rp 1,200k as first payment. Wow I’m looking forward to it 🙂

But the thing is, as a new freelancer they haven’t asked my bank account number -,- I need money now. I’m gonna spend the rest of holiday in traveling. My friends and I are going to start the journey next week. And I’ve no courage to ask them about the payment since there’s no agreement bout the payment before =____=


Ami; 19 y.o; Craving for first salary.

Happy Birthday, Kim Jaejoong


I honestly don’t know where to start. I have so much that I want to say but words aren’t enough. But I am so thankful I came to know you.

Kim Jaejoong, I never thought I’d fall so hard for you during this one year. But I did, and sometimes I wonder how someone could not fall for you. Aside from being terribly attractive – way too attractive, I must admit – you have a kind heart and you truly care about other people, and that if something is what I admire in you. Your love for your friends, your group members. Your love for music and singing. Sometimes you worry about others so much you start to worry me – I just want you to be happy, that’s all. To have your group members to make you happy. To get a girlfriend (or boyfriend) just so you would be happy, happier, the happiest. I want to see you happy, smiling and being a dork. To be truly yourself, that I love.

There are times when I seriously look at a picture of you and ask, “Why are you so perfect? How can someone like you exist in this world? How are you even human?” And yes, you are aging, my dear bias. 😀

Thank you for your time in actually tweeting for your fans, you don’t know how happy you make us. Thank you for being strong. Thank you for your wonderful voice. Thank you for your smiles. Thank you for everything.

Thank you so much for existing.

Happy birthday Kim Jaejoong. I love you.

Hello, There !!

It’s been a while since i posted last time. I’d been on hiatus as final-term exam coming on Dec. I was so busy and messy by the time. No fangirling, no spazzing. Yes I felt like a failed fangirl. But sometimes I run away from real life to surf on tumblr to feed up my fangirl craving. Yeah, sometimes my delusional world seems better than the real one.

Anyway am now on vacation. But not exactly a free time since I’ve some activities as about 30 Korean college students come to visit Indonesia, my friends and I, for about 3 weeks, have to teach them Indonesian language and cultures, vice versa. And then, we have to accompany and introduce them some famous places in Jakarta and Jogjakarta. It’s tiring, frankly speaking. Keep speaking Korean all the day and the way they speak is too fast. I hardly understand what they mean.

But, anyway it’s gonna end. Next week they’ll leave to Jogjakarta and I made an excuse to avoid that trip 🙂 Next week am gonna spend the rest of holiday on leisure and travel 🙂

It’s Back!!

Hello! Say hi to this site. It’s back again after 1 month hiatus and kept it private. 😀 Now I’m back :DDD

HoMin’s Tone Album and Jaejoong’s Twit “I Love You^^ (사랑해^^)”

Last night, HoMin’s Japanese Album was leak. Click here to download XD

After downloading i kept it playing while doing some tasks. My T-List said that Telephone one is like reading a YunJae fanfic XD

Yes, I hadn’t search the translation of the lyrics of the songs. She said Telephone tells about a someone who wants to call his lover at night but he’s afraid it’d bother his lover.

And at the time Jaejoong tweeted ” 사랑해^^ ” It’s about 02.00 am in Korea. Who the hell will tweet such a twit in the middle of night if he’s not in love, right? It didn’t even for fans, I bet. I guess Jaejoong just downloaded Tone Album and miss HoMin so bad. And then tweeted 사랑해^^ .Or maybe he was gonna text Yunho but he made mistake and posted it on twitter (shipper’s imagination). Well it’s not right. Jaejoong  will not make such a mistake.

All I think is so Jaejoong and Yunho usually make a call at night, right. Didn’t JJ once said “I usually wake up in the midnight like you did (fans).”  See?  What do you think what fans are doing so she/he should wake up in such a time? It’s nothing but dating or calling his/ her lover . XD And due to Telephone song I could see really clear that Yunho are accustomed to call JJ at the midnight :*

How I love this cute couple >///<