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Craving for First Salary

I’ve been working on a Korean on-line shop in Indonesia as a freelance translator since December last year. About the job, it’s just to translate product description from Korean to Indonesian. But sometimes I rather translate to English since I hardly find appropriate word in Indonesian. The description contains product’s name, color, size, origin, persuasive tag-line, etc. They send me email along with the file, and I send them back after finishing the translation. We haven’t met in person yet. Usually they give me a week, but i can finish it in a few hours, non-stop working.

It’s already a month since I started. I’ve done about 1,200 products. And since it pays Rp 1k per product I assume I’ll get Rp 1,200k as first payment. Wow I’m looking forward to it 🙂

But the thing is, as a new freelancer they haven’t asked my bank account number -,- I need money now. I’m gonna spend the rest of holiday in traveling. My friends and I are going to start the journey next week. And I’ve no courage to ask them about the payment since there’s no agreement bout the payment before =____=


Ami; 19 y.o; Craving for first salary.


Hello, There !!

It’s been a while since i posted last time. I’d been on hiatus as final-term exam coming on Dec. I was so busy and messy by the time. No fangirling, no spazzing. Yes I felt like a failed fangirl. But sometimes I run away from real life to surf on tumblr to feed up my fangirl craving. Yeah, sometimes my delusional world seems better than the real one.

Anyway am now on vacation. But not exactly a free time since I’ve some activities as about 30 Korean college students come to visit Indonesia, my friends and I, for about 3 weeks, have to teach them Indonesian language and cultures, vice versa. And then, we have to accompany and introduce them some famous places in Jakarta and Jogjakarta. It’s tiring, frankly speaking. Keep speaking Korean all the day and the way they speak is too fast. I hardly understand what they mean.

But, anyway it’s gonna end. Next week they’ll leave to Jogjakarta and I made an excuse to avoid that trip 🙂 Next week am gonna spend the rest of holiday on leisure and travel 🙂

It’s Back!!

Hello! Say hi to this site. It’s back again after 1 month hiatus and kept it private. 😀 Now I’m back :DDD

If I Die Young

I know #IfIDieYoung has been already trending since yesterday. But, I was so in good mood  to think about it since yesterday was my birthday. FYI, it’s my last birthday i could spend in my hometown with family. Next years I’ve to spend it in Depok, with friends.

I expected too much. Yet, nothing happened. I was home alone, in afternoon dad, mom, and little bro got home and gave me a small gift.  Then I back to my laptop to do homework and to browse. My friends on facebook and twitter keep sending me birthday greeting as if we were celebrating it. My phone inbox was flooded by messages as well. But what’s point of it if none of them was with me that day. And they that I expected too much didn’t even say anything to me. Nor on twitter, facebook, or message. Where the hell are you, guys!

For make it even worse, in the night my cousin texted me to help him to get connected to his gf by skype. It was about more than 10 messages we replied each other’s. He hardly get what i said. At 22.30 no message came anymore. I guessed it’s already done. I was about to sleep when the thought came. WHAT I MEAN TO HIM? He didn’t even say any thank-you to me as he connected already with his gf. WTF. What did I do all this time with my friends. WHAT I MEAN TO YOU, GUYS?

This morning #IfIDieYoung is still trending. I try to figure out what just happened. May be i’m not worth their love? May be they don’t see me as the way i do toward them? Nobody knows.  I’ve tried my best to show my love for them, especially on their birthday. But, nothing for me. I wonder WHAT I MEAN TO YOU, GUYS.

#IfIDieYoung I wonder who will cry and who will miss me. But #IfIDieYoung I want my friends to celebrate my life. Not to mourn  my death. Just if I’m lucky to have friends who will mourn my death 😦

If I were Spongebob : a Bitter Day

If I were Spongebob may be i’d be too kind hearted girl. Act innocently and forgive the faults of others easily. Seems like it what I used to be back then. I had never mind what people did toward me. Even sometimes it hurt me, I was just like forgive-and-forget-it. So simple.

But, unfortunately I’m not Spongebob. Now I know I’m human being who has to feel the pain, happiness, anger, jealous. I’ve to know how’s to be loving and to be loved like.

How could I say? Am I too bad to worth their love? I hate the quote

“All we do is waste our time trying to be good enough for others who wouldn’t do the same for us.”

But I hate it more when I somehow admit it.

I wanna let this pain; anger; disappointment out of my heart. These really are weird feelings for me. But I can’t help. It’s just too good to mess you up. A half of me want to forgive you, guys. But isn’t it too funny that i want to forgive you but you even don’t say any single word for me, eh? Am I too funny for you?

Yah, just if i were Spongebob so i can let it go easily. But I’m not. Maybe i expect too much toward you, yet you don’t see me as i do to you. Sorry, I’m just human being.

Happy Birthday to Me!

This bright shiny morning i’m another year older today. Actually i don’t like being nineteen already. But, that’s life, right. Now, another chapter through, and i still have much to do. However i need even a tiny revolution. Happy birthday to me! Happy life I’ll continue to lead!! :))

Dear My Friends and Everyone who were Around Me, I Miss You :)

hi, guess what, suddenly one by one your faces appeared before my eyes randomly~ i assumed that my tasks had drove me crazy already. after finishing an ass this morning, i visited some facebook accounts of some of you guys.. i know nothing important to be looked up, i had to find nothing on your wall, but something kept me to still look around, your posts, your comments, and to keep a close looking your photos,


it’s been too long right, since the last i heard you called my name, how it sounds right now?

“AMI~!!” or “Amoooy” i wonder how it sounds right now.. your voices call my name whizzes around my ears..


it’s been too long since the last i saw your name in my phone inbox, since the last you text me a message.

“ami, please bring the book i wanna borrow tomorrow, okay?” or “how to do question number 3?” sometime it was annoying, but right now, i hope i didnt delete all those little mean messages..


it’s been too long since the last i hold your hands or embraced your back, how it feels right now?

are you getting fatter or thinner? are you getting taller or still the same like the last we met?


it’s been too long since i saw you laughed like a drain at me, your giggling, cried bitter tears even eyes out~

how it seems right now? i hope you’ll keep uploading your last pictures, so that i can keep remembering your faces..


it’s been too long since the last we played music instruments randomly

how it does right now, are you getting better?


and it’s been too long since the last we shared lunch together,

how your food tastes right now? still tempted to take my lunch?


as i looked back all that’s happened, there were times when we shared together. laughed together at our own silliness~

the past maybe gone, and whatever future holds, i truly miss you right now..


*im not really sure whom i should tag this note to, but trust me i do miss everyone in my past~