Baby Sky

Craving for First Salary

I’ve been working on a Korean on-line shop in Indonesia as a freelance translator since December last year. About the job, it’s just to translate product description from Korean to Indonesian. But sometimes I rather translate to English since I hardly find appropriate word in Indonesian. The description contains product’s name, color, size, origin, persuasive tag-line, etc. They send me email along with the file, and I send them back after finishing the translation. We haven’t met in person yet. Usually they give me a week, but i can finish it in a few hours, non-stop working.

It’s already a month since I started. I’ve done about 1,200 products. And since it pays Rp 1k per product I assume I’ll get Rp 1,200k as first payment. Wow I’m looking forward to it πŸ™‚

But the thing is, as a new freelancer they haven’t asked my bank account number -,- I need money now. I’m gonna spend the rest of holiday in traveling. My friends and I are going to start the journey next week. And I’ve no courage to ask them about the payment since there’s no agreement bout the payment before =____=


Ami; 19 y.o; Craving for first salary.


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