Baby Sky

Three Lonely Hot Guys from Poseidon and PTB. LOL


Siwon tweeted this picture. He said “U-Know Yunho playing the part of Kang Eun Chul. One day in Japan, and one in America, no matter how busy and tired he is when the cut is finished, he’s the kind of passionate senior that yells, ‘Director, one more time!’ I want to clap for the person that is Yunho. You worked hard!”


When I saw this picture I laughed. 😀 It was so hilarious. You know, I’m coughyunjaeshippercough. And for SiChul, I’m not really. Just for fun. But when this picture is revealed all i was thinking about is THEY ARE LONELY HOT GUYS right now since Jaejoong and Heechul have left them. OMG Where on the earth we can find another hot guy besides them? Lol


Anyway Jaejoong also just tweeted his picture from PTB shooting


He said “The end of filming. Let’s be strong for tomorrow. JYJ’s album has also been released. We’ll try our best to improve ourselves.”


GOD I”M DEAD!! My most beautiful hot man just tweeted one of his most breathtaking pose. You could kill me now, JJ.

And see, they three  used dark black dress. OK. I’m going to faint. Bye bye. Hope you could stay healthy, guys. 😀


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