Baby Sky

Block B Twitter Compilation 11/09/08-09

[JAEHYO] Source is kekeke I was feeling so happy this day so it was a memorable stage for me

[HANHAE TO JAEHYO] Are you going down to Busan???

[JAEHYO TO HANHAE] Going down there on Sunday!

[HANHAE TO JAEHYO] I’ll call you if I’m bored. I’m a busy man so don’t try looking for me to meet up or anything.

[JAEHYO TO HANHAE] Am I just someone you call when you’re bored..?? TTTTTTTTTTT When are you staying in Busan till

[HANHAE TO JAEHYO] I’ll be there till Tuesday, let’s meet up if we can

[KYUNG] Hul, my Cyworld blog was hacked by Jaehyo hyung

[ZICO] The kind of weather that brings down my biorhythm so low.. ———-One LoVE $$$$

[ZICO] +1

[B-BOMB] Off to practice.. heh

[CHO PD] B bomb and Park kyung visited my house today

[ZICO] Those who create artworks from their own field, and consistently forming culture while marketing it is an undeniable movement. But not accepting the fact that there are personal tastes and being a person that makes commentaries which evokes the propensity of today only leaves artists to be humiliated even if they speak on behalf of themselves.

[ZICO to HYUNA] Wassup! This is Zico, friend ㅋㅋㅋ Following!! !!

[HYUNA to ZICO] Wow wow I followed back!! I did follow, right?

[ZICO to HYUNA] Yeah, you followed ㅋ You really don’t have much knowledge in phones and computers…ㅋㅋ


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