Baby Sky

If I were Spongebob : a Bitter Day

If I were Spongebob may be i’d be too kind hearted girl. Act innocently and forgive the faults of others easily. Seems like it what I used to be back then. I had never mind what people did toward me. Even sometimes it hurt me, I was just like forgive-and-forget-it. So simple.

But, unfortunately I’m not Spongebob. Now I know I’m human being who has to feel the pain, happiness, anger, jealous. I’ve to know how’s to be loving and to be loved like.

How could I say? Am I too bad to worth their love? I hate the quote

“All we do is waste our time trying to be good enough for others who wouldn’t do the same for us.”

But I hate it more when I somehow admit it.

I wanna let this pain; anger; disappointment out of my heart. These really are weird feelings for me. But I can’t help. It’s just too good to mess you up. A half of me want to forgive you, guys. But isn’t it too funny that i want to forgive you but you even don’t say any single word for me, eh? Am I too funny for you?

Yah, just if i were Spongebob so i can let it go easily. But I’m not. Maybe i expect too much toward you, yet you don’t see me as i do to you. Sorry, I’m just human being.


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