Baby Sky

Dear My Friends and Everyone who were Around Me, I Miss You :)

hi, guess what, suddenly one by one your faces appeared before my eyes randomly~ i assumed that my tasks had drove me crazy already. after finishing an ass this morning, i visited some facebook accounts of some of you guys.. i know nothing important to be looked up, i had to find nothing on your wall, but something kept me to still look around, your posts, your comments, and to keep a close looking your photos,


it’s been too long right, since the last i heard you called my name, how it sounds right now?

“AMI~!!” or “Amoooy” i wonder how it sounds right now.. your voices call my name whizzes around my ears..


it’s been too long since the last i saw your name in my phone inbox, since the last you text me a message.

“ami, please bring the book i wanna borrow tomorrow, okay?” or “how to do question number 3?” sometime it was annoying, but right now, i hope i didnt delete all those little mean messages..


it’s been too long since the last i hold your hands or embraced your back, how it feels right now?

are you getting fatter or thinner? are you getting taller or still the same like the last we met?


it’s been too long since i saw you laughed like a drain at me, your giggling, cried bitter tears even eyes out~

how it seems right now? i hope you’ll keep uploading your last pictures, so that i can keep remembering your faces..


it’s been too long since the last we played music instruments randomly

how it does right now, are you getting better?


and it’s been too long since the last we shared lunch together,

how your food tastes right now? still tempted to take my lunch?


as i looked back all that’s happened, there were times when we shared together. laughed together at our own silliness~

the past maybe gone, and whatever future holds, i truly miss you right now..


*im not really sure whom i should tag this note to, but trust me i do miss everyone in my past~



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